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Synchronize the Clock on Your Windows Computer with NTP Servers Reliable, Fast, Safe and Easy


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The time synchronization server is a high-tech and intelligent time server that can work independently based on the NTP/SNTP protocol. The time synchronization server obtains standard clock signal information from GPS satellites, and transmits this information on the network. The network needs time signals. Devices such as computers and controllers can be synchronized with standard time sources. The standard clock information is transmitted through the TCP/IP network. The DNTS series also supports a variety of popular time release protocols, such as time/UDP, and supports the time broadcast packets defined by Zhongxin Chuangke with a settable UDP port. The port numbers of NTP and time/UDP are fixed to 123 and 37 specified by RFC-123 and RFC-37, respectively.

As the breadth and depth of computer applications continue to increase, there are more and more types of devices and services in the network, and the number of servers is also increasing day by day. Traditionally, the time used by various servers and network devices is provided by the internal clock of the device. Because the clock error of the server and network equipment itself is inevitable, although this error is not large every day, a large time difference will appear after a period of accumulation, which leads to inconsistent time of the servers and network equipment in the network. For some important industries, this time inconsistency is fatal. Based on the above considerations, it is necessary to deploy an NTP network time server in the network, use GPS signals as the time source, and synchronize the time of all servers and network devices in the network through the NTP protocol.

NTP Sync Time Client can help you complete time synchronization with one click. You only need to set the synchronization interval and click "Sync".

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System Requirements Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP

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