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Amazing Any Data Recovery Tutorial

Note: Free Any Data Recovery(a free version of Amazing Any Data Recovery) can not be registered. Please register the full version - Amazing Any Data Recovery with the code you've purchased.

1 Install and launch Amazing Any Data Recovery

Double click the installation package to install Any Data Recovery on your computer. After that, click the app icon to run it.


2 Select data recovery mode according to your need.

Choose Partition to Scan for Lost Files.

All the internal & external drives will be detected by the program and be listed on the left panel. Select and check the drive that you want to recover files from.
Note: if you want to recover files from external storage device, please connect the device to computer first.

3 Select Advanced Scan Mode to Scan

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4 Preview Scanning Results.

When the scan is over, all the recoverable files will be listed in the left panel by folders. You can view the file’s details such as file name, size, type, modified time and contents in the right panel.

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5 Recover Lost Files.

Check the files you want to recover, then hit right-bottom “Recover” button to start the file recovering process.